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EMIR Review: Corporate End-User Statement

The EACT, together with other corporate end-user associations, has welcomed the European Commission’s proposal for EMIR review as an important step forward in reducing burdens on corporates.

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Corporate End-User Comments on EC EMIR Review Report

The EACT – together with other associations representing corporate end-users of derivatives – has commented on the recent report issued by the European Commission concerning its forthcoming review of EMIR.

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EACT Position on ESMA Report on Use of OTC Derivatives by Non-Financial Counterparties

The EACT has published a position statement on the report by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) on the use of OTC derivatives by non-financial counterparties. We are very concerned by ESMA’s recommendation to remove the hedging exemption currently part of the EMIR Regulation, as hedging plays an important economic role and removing the exemption would have severe consequences on companies in the real economy. Please click here to read the full EACT statement >>

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EACT Response to European Commission Consultation on EMIR

The EACT has submitted its response on the European Commission’s public consultation on the EMIR Regulation. We call for the review of the current legislation and urge the Commission to adopt changes to ease the burden of the Regulation on non-financial counterparties. These changes include amongst others adopting single-sided reporting abandoning the requirement to report intra-group transactions. Please click here to read the full response >>

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EACT Survey Report on Cost of EMIR Compliance

The EACT has published the results of a survey conducted on the cost of EMIR compliance on non-financial counterparties. The objective of the survey was to gather data on the exact costs borne by companies subject to EMIR and to better understand the difficulties faced with implementation. The results of the survey will also support our engagement with policy makers as the discussion on EMIR review moves forward. Please click here to find out more >>

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