EACT Award 2021

The EACT is delighted to launch the second edition of the EACT award. Each of our 23 national treasury associations members can nominate one outstanding treasury project from within their membership for this award. A jury will shortlist nominees, with Treasurers voting to designate the winner in June 2021. The 2020 award went to JTI for its use of data science for cash flow forecasting.

With this award, the EACT wants to celebrate achievements that advance development of treasury, inspiring treasury professionals to excel.

Development is broadly defined as a positive evolution that can result from innovation, contribution to sustainable growth, or the setting of standards for best practices.

Projects comprising an implementation period between 19 February 2020 and 16 April 2021 are eligible to apply for the award. Your national treasury association will share further details on the local submission and selection process within the coming weeks.

The jury will assess the nominees based on the following criteria:

1 Innovation Do new things or do classic things in a new way
2 Reach The project could be implemented in many geographies/ sectors
3 Environment, Social & Governance Contribute to make the world a better place
4 Excellence Aim at perfection
5 Economics Achieve monetary benefits, risk-adjusted
6 Inspiring The 'wow' factor


Photo from From Bitcoin to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

From Bitcoin to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

In recent months, we have seen the first steps of concerted moves towards CBDCs. This change of attitude is welcome as it complements other private and public initiatives in the world of payments which is innovating at a greater pace than ever.

Photo from Stronger FX Hedging Strategies: a Pandemic Game-changer

Stronger FX Hedging Strategies: a Pandemic Game-changer

As the pandemic continues to throw markets into confusion, forcing corporates to battle against unprecedented volatility, treasury functions have an opportunity, albeit uninvited, to prove their strategic value – especially in relation to FX risk management.

Photo from General Trends in TMS Solutions

General Trends in TMS Solutions

TMS’s have evolved over time and especially in the last couple of years with a huge leap in technologies. Treasurers are investigating how TMS can help in further modernising the finance function in the coming years.

Photo from A Multidisciplinary Approach to Preventing Payment Fraud

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Preventing Payment Fraud

An escalation in fraud and cybercrime activities has been observed in recent months, as cyber attackers have been able to make use of the weaknesses caused by the current health crisis.

Photo from Return on Purpose

Return on Purpose

During the pandemic we have increasingly heard how important it is that companies consider their corporate purpose. Typically, this results in a series of nebulous and hard to define concepts, created by marketing and consultancy firms. Return on Purpose looks at a variety of activities that a company undertakes and identifies individual RoIs for each of them to come up with an overall holistic view.