A Journey to Treasury Roadmap

Through the noise and confusion that often seems to be the trademark of the modern world of finance, a number of crucial questions emerge from all sections of the financial community: What is worth paying attention to? Which technologies are going to impact my decisions? What trends and initiatives will be truly transformative? Of the many initiatives underway, which will be key to my journey? 

‘Journeys to Treasury’ is a thought initiative whose aim is to help finance professionals resolve some of the intricate puzzles that constitute the treasury of today and tomorrow. 

The reports build on the continuing conversation and long-standing relationship between four major players in the industry: BNP Paribas, EACT (European Association of Corporate Treasurers), PwC and SAP. Our approach is simple: a conversation between the financial services industry, the systems provider, the consultant and the association of professionals. Our dialogue is distinctive - concepts go out of fashion while conversation evolves over time. 

The outcome is unique in the world of corporate treasury – a collaborative, multi-faceted view, squarely aimed at the professional in a volatile world. Businesses change. The regulatory and technological context of doing business changes; how innovation happens and how IT systems are designed is changing too. Each of the four Journeys to Treasury contributors offers their own expertise gained from their own journeys in this bumpy – yet encouraging – landscape. 

The reports are not simply a compendium of industry hot topics. Nor is it a shopping list of problems a corporate treasurer has to confront. It is a selective, intelligence-led, collaborative analysis of the themes that are the most relevant today. The reports offer a pragmatic vision of treasury, present and future... we see them as a reference, a roadmap, for corporate treasurers wanting to make their own journey to treasury in this rapidly-changing landscape.


Journeys to Treasury 2021-22

Trends in Corporate Treasury 2021-22

We highlight some results of two major studies published this year on how treasurers’ priorities have developed and the likely trends as we move into a post-pandemic environment.

Digitisation in a Post-Pandemic World

Treasurers, their system vendors and banks, are taking a longer term, more strategic approach to digitisation, automation and data.

Future of Digital Payments

Digital payment methods and platforms are emerging with an increasing focus on real-time settlement, rich data and an excellent customer experience.

Treasurers' Strategic D2C Role

eCommerce has continued to evolve over recent years, but as sales moved rapidly online, it is not simply how customers transact that is changing, but the way that sellers engage with them.

Driving the ESG Agenda in Treasury

As businesses place ESG issues at the core of their strategy, treasury is tasked to reflect these priorities in financing, investment and risk management decisions.

Covid-19 and the Future of Treasury

What will the future of work look like, and how can treasurers make their teams more successful, whether working at home, in the office, or a combination of the two?



Journeys to Treasury 2020-21

Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

To mark the fifth year of the Journeys to Treasury collaboration, the report looks back at the topics that have been of greatest interest to treasurers: real-time payments, cyber risk and fraud, and digital technologies, and explores how the dialogue has progressed.

FX The Working Capital Agenda

As working capital has become more constrained, treasurers are now engaging more closely with the functions that ‘own’ different elements of working capital, and exploring opportunities for working capital enhancement.

A Success of Centralisation

Although a long-standing ambition, rarely can treasurers say they have ‘completed’ centralisation, particularly in organisations engaged in M&A. This year’s report examines the opportunities, pitfalls and ways to overcome them.

Enabling the 'Treasury On-Demand'

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated and strengthened the business case both for automated processes and flows, and faster access to data for operational and strategic decision making. Significant opportunities already exist to achieve these objectives.



Journeys to Treasury 2019-20

Payment and Collections

As digital business models emerge, new payment methods are proliferating. Treasurers can play a key role in shaping the future of business; today, however, few treasurers are playing an active role in the company’s payment and collection strategy.

FX Risk Management

Managing foreign FX risk remains one of treasurers’ highest priorities, and FX volatility can make a major difference to earnings. Treasurers are renewing their focus on hedging strategies and optimal execution to manage risk and reduce the impact of volatility.

Technology Enablers

Technology is transforming the experience of all treasuries with expanding technology opportunities and lower barriers to adoption. To take advantage of new solutions, treasurers and their partners across the business need to adopt a data-driven mindset.

The Future Treasury

Treasury is still a relatively new profession, yet has become increasingly important as corporations expand internationally. In a fast-changing business and digital environment, and with an expanding set op responsibilities, how can treasurers prepare for the future?



Journeys to Treasury 2018-19

New Dynamics in Liquidity Management

What competing tensions are impacting on your efforts to optimise liquidity management? What emerging solutions could help centralisation and standardisation efforts to create clarity and consistency?

Talking Tax: Ready for Reform?

The global tax environment is changing radically and rapidly. What questions should you be asking? What are the implications, and is your treasury prepared?

Inspiring the Digital Treasury

How is your business embracing digital and what does this mean for treasury? Are you driving or following? What digital innovations are emerging, and how could these enhance treasury processes and decision-making?

Cyber-risk and Fraud: Treasury at the Front Line

Fraudsters want your money and your data. Are you ready for attack? And how will you respond when – not if – it happens?



Journeys To Treasury 2017-18

Data Analytics - Big Decisions

Is Big Data just an unstructured mass of ones and zeros flooding into organisations? Or is it one of those subjects where we do not need to understand how something works to be able to exploit it to the full? Can data analytics transform data to inform better decision-making?

Geopolitical Change and Regulation

Treasurers continue to be hit by an avalanche of regulation, and geopolitical change is sweeping across markets. Looking beyond treasury walls to keep up with developments is crucial, but could this also be the opportunity to raise the profile of treasury and drive real business value?

Cybersecurity - Guarding Assets

The old adage that “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” gets new life in the murky world of cybersecurity. Anyone within an organisation can be directly targeted by scammers and, without the right security policies, businesses are vulnerable. Staff training is crucial, but is it enough?



Journeys To Treasury 2016-17

Continued Innovation

No article in the financial press seems to go without a mention of Blockchain, Fintechs or Big Data. But what do they mean for the corporate treasurer?

Anytime, Anywhere Treasury

Should banks be providing 24/7 services? Do treasurers need instant payments, matching the speed seen in the retail space?

Cybercrime and Fraud

With digitisation accelerating, corporate fraud will only increase. Where do the main threats come from, and can technology alone help?