Handover of Baton in EACT Representation of the VDT

The European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) is delighted to welcome a new representative for the Association of German Treasurers (VDT).

Thomas A. Woelk, Head of Group Treasury at DOUGLAS GmbH, will replace Cornelia Hesse as the official VDT representative on the EACT Board. The new appointment was formalised at the EACT’s Board April 2023 meeting in Belgium. Peggy Schumm, Head of Finance/Treasury at Dussmann Stiftung & Co. KGaA and also a member of VDT, will assist Thomas Woelk in his role.

Mr. Woelk and Ms. Schumm have many years of experience in treasury and are well connected in both the national and international treasury community. They will be the link between the VDT and the EACT and, in close cooperation with the bodies of the association, will support the concerns and interests of VDT members in the EACT.

Further to this, the VDT have announced that Sarah Storck, a graduate of the Certified Corporate Treasurer VDT®, will be supporting both colleagues at VDT level.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our huge thanks to the VDT’s outgoing EACT representative, Ms. Cornelia Hesse, for her countless contributions over the course of 8 years as an EACT Board Member, in which she has tirelessly championed the interests of treasurers in Germany and Europe.

When asked her thoughts on the task ahead for EACT board members, Cornelia commented: “Treasurers are currently facing extensive, comprehensive challenges on both operational and regulatory levels. The voluntary and dedicated engagement from national associations joining forces in the EACT to influence the interest of corporate treasurers on a European level is an important task. Thomas, Peggy and Sarah will bring the complete skillset to move VDT and EACT topics ahead.”

The VDT was one of the founding members of the EACT in 2002 and continues to play a highly active and important role as a leading professional association for corporate treasury in Germany. The association’s membership includes finance executives from more than 750 companies, representing a turnover of approximately 2 trillion euros.

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